Sunday, 27 September 2015

For a lot of people with blonde hair, the perfect blonde is always hard to achieve... I quite like my natural dark blonde hair colour as it's quite ashy, but I like to have very bright blonde fine highlights to lighten it and add different tones as my own hair colour doesn't compliment my skin all that well - I'm quite pale/cool skinned so I suit a lighter ash blonde. My hair can tend to go brassy and yellow if not cared for properly, and in a perfect world I'd love the palest lilac mermaid hair... ahhh. But toning it will do fine for now!

I put this picture up on Instagram not long ago but it does need doing again as it's been several weeks. I bought 2 colours of Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL HD Ultra Brights in Purple Punk and Electric Blue to mess with. I tried this DIY toner on a bit of a whim and thought... what's the worst that can happen? So I took a small bowl of conditioner and squeezed a small teaspoon of each of the colours into it and mixed thoroughly. The mix was dark and very purple and I was maaaaybe a little scared. But what the heck. I smothered the bright purple mixture onto my whole head and put on a very unattractive shower cap for about 20/30 minutes before washing off. Despite the depth of colour of the mixture in the bowl however, I was left with this lovely and pale ashy, lavender tone with just the odd lilac streak through it. And as my hair had been soaked in conditioner for 20 odd minutes, it felt silky too.

The best thing about this is the tube is usable again and again so as long as you have conditioner your hair can always be re-toned in 20 minutes! The only thing disappointing is my natural roots didn't really take the colour as I haven't had highlights done for months now, but the lengths were just a perfect colour for me. I think I'll soon have my highlights redone though and then I'll re-tone! I suppose if you upped the dose of colour in the mix you might get an even brighter result. But I'd definitely recommend this method to tone yellowing brassy blonde hair! So easy, cheap and doable again and again!
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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Our lounge is my favourite room in the house, probably because it's the main room that's been fully decorated and finished so far. It's just a delightful place to be, especially in an evening. It's a room that is so cosy and warm and gives you one big hug when you walk in. It's full of charm but still quite minimal. However it's taken more than a new sofa and some paint to achieve this feel... the little bits and pieces you accessorise your room with can really change it's ambience, add heaps of character and will ultimately beam with the personality of the people that live in it!

The room has had a few little tweaks and additions in recent weeks that have really finished it off nicely, it's taken some time to finish but a bit of patience in finding the right things has completely upped the cosy factor and made the space it is now.

5 easy ways to cosy up your living space for autumn winter

These super cool cushions have added the pattern we needed and a nice contrast with the white and grey. They're also much more comfortable! I always think the Scandinavian styling goes so well with rustic décor and with the fur throw that we already have, so these cross cushions tie the modern and minimal but still cosy thing together perfectly. The light grey textured chenille cushions are from Next and the white/grey cross "Skandi" cushions are from Primark and were a bargain at only £7.00 each!

Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake Jar Medium

I picked up this Vanilla Cupcake Yankee Candle in a cute gift shop called Smart Ideas in Telford. It was one of the "Fragrances of the Month" so was only about £14 rather than £18.99 as this size usually is. As most bloggers do, I LOVE a good Yankee Candle and sweet foodie smells in particular are my favourite... they remind me of my mum cooking when I was younger when our house always smelt like something tasty! The medium size jars are my favourite as I find they seem to burn ALL of the wax whereas the large jars I've had before tend to waste a bit. And this size still lasts for months and months! I love having loads of various candles lit when I'm relaxing at night - the BEST way to get warm and cosy! :-)

Not too many trinkets, but just the odd piece here and there that just can't be resisted when you walk past them in a shop! I love this splattered mercury effect glass and have a couple of different jars, ornaments and candle holders like it. The light twinkles off it. This one was from Listers Interiors in Chester and was only about £3! A few items in the same style but different heights or shapes work well and throwing some metallics into the mix of your other décor adds interest.

I'm sure many of us are the same these days in that we all take tonnes of photographs yet barely ever print them off. Most of them are likely to sit on our smart phones forever! So earlier in the year I made a promise to myself to print all my pictures and start making yearly albums/scrapbooks. The days of sifting through albums and shoe boxes full of old photos sadly seems to have long gone but in my house at least, I want to bring that back. I use the site Snapfish as they're quick, always have discount codes available and the matte print quality is fab. Amongst all of what I printed was this lovely little shot from Christmas Day 2014... this was taken just after we'd got engaged. We saw this frame in Next for about £8 and thought not only did it go well with our space, but we also had the perfect picture to put in it! As much as I treasure photos though, I only like to keep the odd special few in frames or out on display so as not to make the place look cluttered. This one is just enough for now to add some personality and show what stage in life we're at :-)

This could be anything you've spotted that's unusual or handmade, a piece of art you've created, something you were given or something unique to you as an individual/couple. The candle holders in our initials were from Matalan... I think £2 each? I LOVE these, Chris wasn't as in love with them as me but we've kept them anyway... heehee I won! The little black wooden globe was from TKMaxx and had a tag to say it was handmade in India; a steal at only £5! I've always dreamt of having a huge, wonderful antique globe in my home but a really big one will have to wait for the day we have a really big house to match! I don't know why but I am so drawn to them. This little beauty sits atop our fireplace and helps bring together some of the darker elements of the room as well as being a little bit quirky.

So it doesn't always need to cost much, just a little scouting around and some patience to find the perfect pieces is all you need. So for the lovely season that is Autumn, our living space is ready! Let's get cosy!
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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Dune Handbag: TK Maxx

I've been looking for a new tan handbag for a while now... I'm not a fan of slouchy handbags; I like my bag to look smart and structured and I'm not keen on throwing one over my shoulder either as they always slip off and drive me insane - I'm a crook of the arm kinda girl! I was being a bit fussy. I wanted studs on the base so it wouldn't get scuffed, I wanted gold metal details and a nice lining as well as a place to put my adorable but ridiculous furry pom pom bag charms. I FOUND THE ONE! This bag was originally £75.00 from Dune but I found it in TK Maxx for only £39.00. What a bargain... Dune always make such lovely bags and purses and the quality is always so good - I'd much rather buy one of these than a bag of the same price in most other high street shops. And another big plus, tan goes with EVERYTHING... a must have! 

TK Maxx have been impressing me so much lately, I'll blog some more awesome finds I got from there soon! Have you found any treasures or bargains there before?
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Monday, 27 July 2015

Fob Wall Clock: Marks & Spencer // Vera Wang Princess Night: eBay // Pom Pom Keyring: River Island // Jacquard Cushion Cover: H&M // Ted Baker Hollie Tote Bag: House of Fraser // Pom Pom Slipper Pumps: Dorothy Perkins

Right now I'm sat in my house, staring out at the dark, wet pavement and trying to keep myself warm in a fluffy hoodie... so naturally I'm dreaming of Autumn far too early. At least then I'll know how to dress appropriately each day! Yes, I'm well and truly over neon, granny florals, palm prints and needing to exfoliate, shave  AND tan my legs before I dare put a pair of shorts anywhere near me. I'm over tying my frizzball hair constantly up into a topknot and always being just a little bit clammy... ick. I'm ready to get back burgundy, greys and leather with gold and silver... boots and chic scarves. , candle lit evenings and getting cosy. Well, not quite... not wishing the sunshine away just yet but I do always look forward to Autumn!

I'm obsessed with pom poms and want to adorn all sorts with them because they're awesome. I told Chris I love them and they're awesome whilst on a recent shopping trip but he just doesn't get it. The fabulous clock and some new cushions (along with a couple of shelves) will add the finishing touches to our 80% decorated lounge. The Ted Baker handbag is the perfect style I've been looking for, and the Princess Night perfume is one of my all time favourites that's not all that easy to get anymore and I'm all out! I'm having one of those evenings where I could easily blast all my money on new stuff... mmmmm. But saving is having to come first! Boo!
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Monday, 11 May 2015

I've been attempting to eat healthier and exercise more for about 12 months now, and although I'm seeing a bit more muscle tone and maintaining a healthy weight I still have a long way to go in my mission to lose my spongy softness. My main thing is needing to take in more protein and less carbohydrate (addicted to sweet sweet carbs... mmm) so I'm ditching the mega bowls of sugary cereal in the morning that have me starving again by 11am and I've been giving these a go - Upbeat dairy protein drinks*... and I'm amazed. They taste nothing like you'd expect a protein drink to taste. They're sweet, creamy, fruity and a bit like those pro-biotic yogurt drinks we're used to seeing. I've tried this flavour (Blueberry & Raspberry), Strawberry and Mango & Passionfruit. So far this one is the nicest in my opinion, but on the website there is a CHOCOLATE ORANGE flavour now available... ahhhhh I need it! 

For 150 calories you get a whopping 20g of protein and about 11g sugar (which is only about 2.5 teaspoons). So much better than my sugar filled cereal bowl which is always so full I spill half of it over the edges... oops #greedyguts. And best of all, it keeps you full up and for me has stopped the hungry mid-morning elevenses snacking! In my opinion, if you make informed choices, try to go easy on the sugar and keep enough protein in your day to day eating habits, you'll never need to "go on a diet". Well, that works for me anyway!

I found mine in Tesco, however they're also sold in Waitrose, Sainsburys, Holland & Barrett and more. Find out more here:
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Monday, 9 March 2015

Life is flying by at a rate I can barely keep up with! Now more than ever. We've already been in this house for a year and three months but have barely decorated two rooms. We've been engaged for over 2 months and haven't really decided on any kind of plan or ideas yet, never mind booked a venue. And my birthday's coming up (I'll be 27) and that freaks me out, will I have to start saying I'm in my late-twenties...? sob! I just need time to hold off and pause for a few months whilst I gather my thoughts, re-assess where we're heading and BREATHE. This grown-up life is a crazy thing. But then I remind myself to stop being silly, enjoy the moment you're in and have a little faith; everything is and will be ok!

So as the sun was beaming down I relaxed a little on Saturday with some gardening. I'm very much a beginner so need all the help I can get, but growing some little plants and tending my garden is something I really, really want to be good at. So with a lot of help and advice from my mum and dad along with the big bottle of cider they brought round(!), the front garden is starting to look a lot nicer. With a new build house, dependent on the builder, they seem to just throw random bits of turf anywhere and don't give you much more garden interest than a few messy shrubs and (dead!) mini trees, so the crappy little trees have all been pulled out and the odd bits of turf are starting to be replaced with decorative stones (see above). Very low maintenance, I love it!

I know I'd like a colourful, clean and landscaped garden with a "Mediterranean" kind of vibe and ideally lots of little solar lights, and I think Chris would like that kind of thing too. I really love weird looking plants, bright colours and unusual flowers so I'm going to keep my eyes out for some new ones I can plant. The delightfully pretty tubs above were kindly made by my parents who are very good at all this kind of stuff! I'm hoping to spend so much more time out here this Spring/Summer, when the sun's out there's no way I can stay indoors!
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